How to Clean Your Kitchen – Course

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What you get:

  1. Easy to follow instructional videos
  2. Comprehensive checklists so you don’t miss a spot
  3. Recommended product and tool guide
  4. Safe, toxin-free cleaning methods
  5. Exclusive access to five-star housekeeping tips and tricks
  6. Membership in our private Facebook group

“The kitchen is the heart of the home,” but it’s often also the messiest spot in the home. From your morning scrambled eggs to your big holiday baking project, crusty dishes and sticky spills start to pile up. This course will teach you how to clean your kitchen like the pros do. We’ll tackle every icky topic and hard to reach crevice – even some you’ve probably never cleaned before (hey, no shame)!

Keeping your kitchen clean from top to bottom involves several steps, including cleaning the oven, dusting above cabinets, and scrubbing the floor. You will also learn how to clean your range hood inside and out if you have one. We know – it sounds like a lot – but once you’ve got the know-how, these tasks will blow by in a breeze.

You’ll also receive our exclusive list of the most effective toxin-free cleaning products. Would you wash your fruits and vegetables in Windex? No! So why are you coating your countertops and cabinets with it??  Deep cleaning your kitchen doesn’t mean drenching it in poison. It means being thorough, efficient, and healthy. Once you’re done with this course, you will feel calm, clean, and empowered to keep your kitchen sparkling.

4 reviews for How to Clean Your Kitchen – Course

  1. Kevin

    I’m pretty impressed! This is a great guide and was fun to go through with my kids (who do their best to help clean in-between our HPH services). would definitely recommend!

  2. Miranda Bailey

    My kitchen has never looked so shiny and smelled so fresh!!

  3. Roger Brown

    I was in a hurry and looking for something to show me how to get my place ready for a Christmas party, especially the kitchen, which I don’t spend a lot of time in. This fit the bill great. It was step by step, easy to follow and really worked. A bargain at $19.

  4. Lucy

    I was actually looking for something to use to show my new cleaning person how to do the kitchen done and this worked really well.

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