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We love cleaning products that are non-toxic, all natural, pet friendly, hypoallergenic, and good for the environment. Here are our favorites:

The Naturals

Branch Basics

Completely natural plant and mineral-based multi purpose concentrate that cleans absolutely everything. We use it for hardwood floors, countertops, wood trim, kitchens, mirrors and more.

It’s never tested on animals and is completely safe for you, your family, and the environment. We love that it was created by 3 women in Austin. Learn more at branchbasics.com. Enter our code HPH10 at checkout for 10% off all Starter Kits!

Seventh Generation Dish Soap

We started using this to wash dishes and do quick kitchen cleans. Over time, it has become a staff favorite and many of our Housekeepers now use it for other cleaning tasks that require the grease-cutting action that this hypo-allergenic soap provides. Get it on Amazon here.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Made in America, Sprayway is the world’s best glass cleaner. It is ammonia-free and always leaves even the dirtiest glass surfaces like doors, windows, and mirrors with a streak-free shine. It’s a must-have product that smells great and gives your home a sparkling clean. Get it on Amazon here.

Bon Ami

An effective, non-toxic cleanser that calls itself “America’s original natural home cleaner” and has been scrubbing without harmful chemicals since 1886. It’s great to remove scuff marks, dried-on food, moldy spots on grout and anything else that requires a little abrasion. Pro tip- use this to clean your stainless steel pots and pans and they will shine like new! Click here to get it for your home.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a must-have for your home and can be used for everything from cleaning your coffee maker to making your poached eggs look perfect. We use a little bit mixed with plenty of water to mop hardwood floors. Again, no toxins with this age old product that we also use to pour down a smelly drain. Don’t worry- it evaporates quickly so your home won’t be left with a “vinegary” odor. Grab a gallon of our favorite brand here.

Baking Soda

Not to be outdone by vinegar as a product that can do all sorts of things for you home and health and used to prepare food, when mixed with water baking soda forms a paste that can be used to clean multiple surfaces. We like Arm & Hammer, get it from Amazon here.

The Hard Stuff

Not healthy or non-toxic. But sometimes, we have to break them out. If your house might need these products – you know who you are.

Scrubbing Bubbles, Soft Scrub, Clorox Clean Up, 409 and the mother of them all – Tilex. We don’t use these products for every home. But, when you need them, you need them.

The Vacuums


The Miele Complete C3 canister vacuum has high suction power, hygienic filter bags, a high quality HEPA filter, and is gentle on your floors. We love the auto-retractable cord and the quiet “hmmm” of the motor that makes vacuuming something to look forward to! Get it on Amazon by clicking here


Made in Germany in a factory that is nearly 100% sustainable, this vacuum is a total work horse.  It comes with an S-class Filter system which brings hospital grade filtration into your home. Sebo uses a 3 filtered layer dust bag that has a built in cap to ensure complete confinement of all dust and debris. It captures allergen sized dust particles that other vacuums simply recirculate into the air. Get it on Amazon by clicking here.

Sanitaire Professional Canister

Small but mighty machine that has a basic filter built in and a HEPA add on to ensure that dust is completely removed from your home. We use its variety of attachments to clean corners, edges, upholstery, hardwood floors and rugs. Get it here.

We are happy to use your products, your vacuum, or anything that you have.

Please be sure to provide specific instructions since we may

not be familiar with the proper use of your supplies.

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