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Combining luxury housekeeping, professional excellence, and a focus on providing job opportunities for working moms, we give our customers a pristinely clean home

– exactly the way they like it.

Highland Park Housekeeping’s founder Jeri Fritz was frustrated with the quality of cleaning services she had used. She knew that not only could housecleaning be done with excellence, but that with the right company, it could be a learned and respected profession. So she set on a mission – to create the dream house cleaning service for both the customer and the employee. Her creation, Highland Park Housekeeping, took off in 2009 and has been dusting, mopping, and vacuuming Dallas homes ever since.


Jeri Fritz – Founder & CEO

Jeri is Highland Park Housekeeping’s founder, a lifelong entrepreneur, and certified clean freak. She originally hails from Missouri and spent 15 years raising her family outside of New York City before she moved to Highland Park in 2007 with her husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. A freshly-dusted lightbulb appeared above Jeri’s head when she couldn’t find a high-quality cleaning service in Dallas’s most luxurious neighborhoods. Combining years of experience in entrepreneurship and years of experience in cleaning up her kids’ messes, Highland Park Housekeeping was born.

Domenic Massimilian – Director of Operations

Domenic is our Director of Operations and BMOC (Read: he’s second in command and one of only two male employees). Domenic handles everything from big picture business development to managing office staff operations. His leadership focuses on using technology and data-centered strategy to grow the business, streamline operations, and drive profitable revenue growth . He graduated from Cornell University with a degree in hospitality management and spends most of his free time with his Black Lab Tiff.

Domenic Massimilian – Director of Operations

Tai Massimilian – Director of Marketing & Creative

Tai is responsible for crafting and accelerating Highland Park Housekeeping’s marketing strategy and brand recognition throughout Texas and beyond. A champion of Making Housekeeping a Profession, Tai uses innovative and engaging approaches to communicate our unique mission to stakeholders. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master’s of Education from Southern Methodist University, and usually, a brown Chihuahua named Rue who housekeeper Ehunice refers to as “little Tootsie Roll.”

Domenic Massimilian – Director of Operations

Steph came to Highland Park Housekeeping as a housekeeper, but her drive and eye for excellence allowed her to quickly move up the ladder to Team Leader, Team Manager, and now Senior Manager. She oversees all daily operations handled by Team Managers and housekeepers, ensuring that every client experience is nothing short of exceptional. When she’s not juggling a million things at work, Steph is active in community ministries with her church LifeGroup and enjoys running and spending time with her family.

Stephanie Salazar – Lead Manager

Hailey Hoffman – Director of Customer Service

If you’ve ever called the office, you’ve definitely spoken to Hailey, our most bubbly employee and customer service extraordinaire. Hailey manages every single call, text, email and inquiry that comes through our system and she does it all with a smile. She spends her days scheduling appointments, following up with customers, and helping the schedule run smoothly. Originally from Bastrop, Texas, Hailey graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Consumer Affairs and a minor in Social Work. In her free time, she nerds out over Star Wars and Harry Potter and loves on her cat, George Washington.

Domenic Massimilian – Director of Operations

Yesica is Team Manager at our Highland Park Housekeeping location, responsible for concierge customer service, quality control, and making sure every single team is staffed, prepped, and ready to go on a daily basis. Yesica started as a housekeeper and quickly wowed management with her ability to juggle many responsibilities and earn stellar customer reviews.

Yesica Ibarra – Team Manager

Erika Hernandez – Supplies Manager

Erika is a Highland Park Housekeeping veteran, with seven years at the company as a housekeeper, Master Team Leader, and Supplies Manager. Erika juggles a full schedule of devoted standing customers and managing all of our products, orders and inventory. When she’s out on jobs, Erika says she looks for a little something extra to do to make the job special.

Domenic Massimilian – Director of Operations

Another promotion from within, Jessie started off her career at HPH as a housekeeper before swiftly moving up the ladder to Vehicles & Equipment Specialist. She is always on the go, whether that be to repair a tired vacuum or to make sure every single van in our fleet is in tip-top shape. When Jessie’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her kids, volunteering and road tripping to East Texas to visit family.

Jessie Maples – Vehicles & Equipment Specialist

Leo - Good Boy

Leo is our resident Good Boy. He doesn’t do much but lay on the couch and keep everyone happy.

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