Why You Should Hire a Professional Housekeeping Service

If you’re a DIY type of person – the type of person that refills their own oil fixes their own garbage disposal, and puts the new finish on your own furniture – then hiring a professional housekeeping service probably seems pretty ridiculous. Why spend the money on somebody else cleaning your home when you could do it yourself? It’s a valid question – and one we think we have several answers to. Read on to find out why you should hire a professional housekeeping service.

Before we continue, remember that hiring any service is only worth it if that service is going to do a great job. Truth be told – there are a lot of pretty awful cleaning companies out there; these companies bring low-quality supplies, don’t pay their housekeepers well, don’t do any sort of formal training – it’s not good. So, these rules only apply to luxury housekeeping services, like Highland Park Housekeeping.

A housekeeping service will get the spots you miss.
Unless you’ve spent extensive time on the techniques needed to learn how to clean your house, a professional housekeeper is likely to catch spots you’ve missed for years – or maybe even never cleaned before! Places like the tops of your ceiling fans and edges of picture frames are likely to go missed while dusting, and if you don’t have the right tools, it can be difficult to hit every nook and cranny.

If you want to try and get these spots yourself, check out our free Spot Check Guide, featuring the top 5 most missed spots in your home and how to clean them!

The time you don’t spend cleaning is time you can spend doing – anything else!
This is something we hear from our customers all! The! Time! If you work by yourself on cleaning your entire house, you’d be lucky to get a great job done in under 5 hours. Think of how much you could get done in that time! That’s like a trip to the grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, and a stop for an iced coffee. Or just a lot of time on the couch. Hey, no-judgment zone.

You know you’re getting high-quality supplies with a luxury housekeeping service.
You can find out a lot about a cleaning service’s quality by learning what supplies they use. Before you book with any company, ask about their products. What all-purpose cleaner do they use? What about floor cleaner? If they say Fabuloso, run (unless you want your home to smell like a McDonald’s floor). Are these products eco-friendly? Nontoxic? What about their vacuums? How often are the filters changed? A high-quality service that is worth your investment will know all the answers to these questions, and appreciate that you asked them!

So long story short? Booking with a great housekeeping service means getting all the spots you missed, saving yourself time, and getting a higher quality clean. Still not convinced? Suit yourself – we’ve got complete How To Clean Your House guide on our website, complete with checklists, product recommendations, and videos on how to clean your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom from ceiling to floor. It’ll walk you through how to really clean your house, with or without one of our amazing housekeeping teams.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

As one of the internet’s most reputable cleaning experts, we get a lot of questions about cleaning different surfaces in the home. If you’ve taken time to learn how to clean your house with our checklists, product guides, and how to clean your room videos, then you already know what it takes to get shiny and smooth hardwood floors. But if not, read on, learn the steps, and get some DIY room cleaning done!

Step 1: All cleaning service jobs start with moving lightweight furniture & small rugs out of the way.
Don’t overstrain yourself – obviously your Restoration Hardware Cloud sectional doesn’t need to come up. But if you have some light chairs or accent rugs that can be moved, go ahead and do that before you start cleaning. It’ll make getting the hard-to-reach spots a LOT easier.

Step 2: Grab your vacuum and get started!
We love the Sanitaire vacuum which comes with a special hardwood floor attachment. It’s perfect for getting in the grooves to pick up dirt, dust, and crumbs. Following the grain of the wood, give the floor a nice, thorough vacuum, and don’t miss the edges and corners.

Step 3: Get a GOOD mop!
Product recommendation time! We really believe that our mopping method makes all the difference. Have you noticed that traditional string mops dunked into a bucket of nasty gray water doesn’t really do the trick? Well if you haven’t, open your eyes and head to Amazon or Walmart to get an SH-Mop. This amazing little device comes with 3 replaceable terry cloth covers that you can remove and rinse as you mop, so you’re never cleaning with a dirty mop. If you’re not going to get an SH-Mop (and again, we really think you should) try to get your mop as clean as possible.

Step 4: Spray your damp mop with 3-4 spritzes of all-purpose cleaner.
Make sure to grab a nontoxic all-purpose cleaner so you can avoid filling your home with nasty toxins. Our favorites? Try Branch Basics Concentrate or Safely Universal Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

Step 5: Mop until the cover shows clean!
Mop your floor in the direction of the grain, checking your mop regularly for dirt. If the mop gets significantly dirty, rinse it, wring it out, and reapply all-purpose cleaner before getting back to it. Once your mop comes up clean, you’re done!

Got cleaning questions? Need more tips? Check out our other blog posts or follow us on Instagram for daily cleaning tips, tricks, and how-tos.

Our Prices: Explained

If you’re looking for housekeeping, Dallas TX is a great place to look. Our city is chock full of maid services and cleaning companies that range in price to fit any budget. Here at Highland Park Housekeeping, we’re at the top of the list when it comes to the pricing of Dallas cleaning services. But why? Well, we have our reasons. And if we’re going to charge $95/hour for our most basic clean, we think you know them too. Read on to learn more about why we charge more to clean your house than other Dallas cleaners.

We’re the only Dallas cleaning service that cleans in teams of 2.

While you might be paying half as much for another service, that’s partially because you’re paying for half as many people! We clean in teams of 2 to be more efficient, increase accountability, and thoroughly finish your home in half the time.

We bring only top-quality tools & supplies.

You’ll never find watered-down Fabuloso in our tidy caddies. We use top-quality, eco-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning products that work great and smell great, as well as the finest vacuums in the industry.

We pay our housekeepers’ competitive wages, plus healthcare & benefits.

Housekeeping is a skill. It’s a physical job that requires lots of knowledge of specific techniques, special surfaces in the home, different products, and more. It’s not easy! And that’s why we make sure to pay our employees an appropriate wage. Housekeeping should be valued as a profession, one that women (and men!) can use to provide for their families. Making Housekeeping a Profession is our mission, and it’s rolled into our prices as well.

We believe you get what you pay for, and our service is just higher quality.

It’s the truth! Here are a few things we do that differentiate us from our competitors:
We offer concierge customer service, including managers that check jobs for quality control and personal contact with our customer service team.
We use exact appointment times rather than windows, so you can know when we’ll arrive and when we’ll be gone.
We guarantee satisfaction 100% of the time. If you’re not satisfied with our service, we will send another team back, free of charge, until you are happy with your home.

We know that you value the money you work for, so we take our pricing model very seriously. Our price is premium, and our product is too.

Are you outside of our service area? No worries – you can still experience the HPH level of cleanliness with our housekeeping guide, available under the DIY tab on our website. These checklists and videos will help you learn how to clean your house up to Highland Park Housekeeping’s standards of excellence. This is DIY house cleaning like you’ve never seen before!

A Quick Guide to Sustainable Cleaning

We’re all fighting the same battle when it comes to housekeeping. We want our house to be as clean and fresh as possible, but sometimes in our effort to achieve that, we fail to be good patrons of our own health and the health of our planet. When you clean your house, do you pour products filled with toxins down your drain and fill trash bags with barely used paper towels? Full disclosure – we did too! And we’ll be the first to call ourselves out: it’s wasteful, it’s unsustainable, and honestly, it’s just really lame.

Luckily, sustainable cleaning has come up the curve as of recent; with the launch of brands like Kris Jenner’s Cleanly and the new subscription service Grove, it’s easier than ever to learn how to clean your house in a way that is kind to the planet. Here are three green tips on cleaning your house that are guaranteed to make your clean routine more sustainable.

Trade out your paper towels for microfiber

Ah, paper towels. Even if you splurge for the Bounty extra absorbent ones, most of us still end up blowing through a whole roll during a day of cleaning. While we still use paper towels when cleaning up really germy messes, like in the bathroom, microfiber cloths are a great alternative, especially for dusting. Microfiber picks up dust better than any other fabric, and when you’re done cleaning, they can easily be thrown in the washer & dryer with whatever else you need to wash. Just add a little water and wring it out, and if you’d like, you can spray on a touch of your favorite all purpose cleaner. And speaking of all purpose cleaners…

It’s time to trade out PineSol for Branch Basics

You might not think much of using a standard cleaning product with a few toxic chemicals, but when millions of people across the planet are all purchasing, using, and dumping out those toxins, the impact on the environment is huge. Many cleaning products use phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia, also known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Next time you’re browsing the cleaning aisle at Target, check the labels and choose an eco-friendly alternative. We highly recommend Branch Basics all-purpose cleaner, which you can order from their website.

Say bye to Swiffer and hello to SH-Mop!

Everybody loves their Swiffer, but how many times have you had to use multiple covers just to get through one room? Each of those covers is threaded with plastic and other materials that do not biodegrade easily and fill up landfills across the planet. Instead, head over to Walmart or Amazon.com and pick up a SH-Mop, the amazing mop that is about twice the size of a Swiffer and comes with washable, reusable covers. As you’re mopping, take the cover off and rinse it to keep it fresh, and when you’re done, throw it in the washer/dryer (maybe with your new microfiber cloths!) so it will be good as new next time.

This is far from a complete green housekeeping guide, but following these tips for how to clean your house is a good start. Like they say – shavings make a pile – and if you need more tips, check out our diy house cleaning guide and how to clean your room videos.

How to Evaluate Your Housekeeper

Maybe your housekeeper has worked for you for a day, or a month, or a year, or maybe even longer! They might be a lovely person, but how do you know they’re an excellent housekeeper? We’ll break down a few spots to check to figure out just how great your housekeeper really is.

Top of Light Fixtures

If you want to know if your housekeeper knows how to clean your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or pretty much any other room in your house, start at the top with this trick. Run your finger across the top of your ceiling fans and light fixtures (you may need to grab a ladder for this). Are they dusty? Dirty? If so, the job wasn’t very thorough. It’s best to start a job by dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures and working your way down through the room. Otherwise, a spotless dusting job can be ruined with a quick flip of a switch.


Now that you’ve checked the thing that should have been dusted first, check the thing that should have been dusted last: the baseboards! In a deep clean, it’s important to catch dust and dirt with a nice thorough vacuum and wipe down of the baseboards. It’s not the most obvious spot to catch grime, but it makes a huge difference. Your baseboards should be left nice and fresh. A simple finger swipe will put this spot to the test.

Exterior of Toilet

Here’s another trick to see if your housekeeper really knows how to clean your house. Even the amateurs know to do the toilet bowl, but if you really want to check for a job well done, look at the sides of your toilet’s exterior and the edges by where the seat connects. Dust and other yucky stuff gathers in those cracks and crevices and often gets missed unless a particular attention to detail has been taken.

Check Your Feet

The last tried and true trick to testing your housekeeper’s efficacy? Take a walk through every room in your home – barefoot! When you’re done, check the soles of your feet. A little gross maybe, but it’s important! How do they look? Nice and clean, or gray and dirty? If they’re the latter, check out our guides to keeping your floors clean and recommend those methods to your housekeeper.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but it’s a start! If you need a completely exhaustive list, check out our housekeeping guide and diy house cleaning videos. They’re perfect to use on your own or give to your housekeeper to help her learn how to give a five star clean.

So You Just Moved to Plano…Now What?

Welcome to booming, bustling and scorching hot Plano, TX! Whether you’re a Dallasite that’s come to the burbs or a coastal transplant, Plano is exploding right now, and full of fun new things to do. Since you’re new here (or maybe just haven’t left your house much since the pandemic), here are a few of Plano favorites to try out.

Favorite Gym in Plano – Equinox

Listen, as a longtime patron of the Highland Park Equinox, I can tell you that I am genuinely jealous of Plano’s location. Not only is it brand-spanking-new, but it has a rooftop area with turf and equipment like tires to flip and bags to punch. Not bad for a sunrise workout.

Favorite Date Night in Plano – Sixty Vines

Love wine? Love Italian food? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Sixty Vines keeps wine on tap, plus plenty of bottles on its extensive list for you to enjoy on your next night out with a hot date. Pro-tip: try a cheese board, and don’t miss the Brunch they have on weekend mornings, if you’re not too hungover from…

Our Favorite Margaritas, Chips & Queso in Plano – Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina, or affectionately dubbed Mico, has good Tex Mex and amazing margaritas that pair perfectly with a big hot bowl of queso. If you’re feeling bold (or don’t have work in the morning), try the Mambo Taxi, but you’ll probably want to stick to only two. Just trust me on that, okay?

Favorite Patio in Plano – Katy Trail Outpost

The Katy Trail is a very popular walking and biking trail in Dallas, with a beloved watering hole around mile 3 called the Katy Trail Icehouse. Now, an outpost has opened out in Plano with the same beloved menu of beer and barbecue. HIGHLY recommend the refreshing and citrusy Summer Beer paired with an order of cheese fries. You can’t go wrong with those!

Favorite Cleaning Services in Plano – Highland Park Housekeeping

After all of your time out and about in Plano, you want to come home to a place that is pristinely clean. Plano boasts the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury housekeeping services: Highland Park Housekeeping! While most housekeeping in Plano TX means low quality products and low wages for the workers, Highland Park Housekeeping uses high quality, natural products and pays their housekeepers between $15-$20 per hour, depending on experience. Plus, every housekeeper is a full time worker that is bonded, insured and background checked. So when you’re searching for cleaning services Plano Highland Park Housekeeping is a purchase you can feel good about!

So You Just Moved to Frisco…Now What?

Welcome to MONEY Magazines #1 city to live in the United States! Whether you are looking for craft breweries or cleaning services Frisco TX has everything you need. Here are a few favorites to get you started in the Frisco scene!

Favorite Brewery in Frisco TX – Cork & Growler

Whether you’re a brewery lover or a brewery novice, you have to give Cork & Growler a try. They offer 45 rotating taps of local beer as well as local wine options if beer isn’t your jam. The atmosphere is laid-back, unpretentious, and perfect for friendly people looking to relax.

Favorite Date Night in Frisco TX – Nerdvana

Take yourself back to childhood with a night at Nerdvana! Perfect for millennials, this place has video game consoles at every table so you can enjoy Mario Kart and Mortal Combat over dinner (can you say childhood dream?). Plus, the food is good too, and they have a huge selection of cocktails to choose from.

Favorite Spot to Grab a Juice in Frisco TX – Clean Juice

Beers and wine and cocktails, oh my! How about a spot for those of us who aren’t big drinkers (or just need a little detox?). Don’t worry, Frisco really has it all. Clean Juice is a spot full of delicious, refreshing juices. They only use certified USDA-organic fruits and vegetables in their juices, smoothies, and smoothie bowls. We recommend trying the Beauty Bowl for breakfast – it’s so tasty and the perfect way to start the day.

Favorite Cleaning Services in Frisco TX – Highland Park Housekeeping

There’s so much to do in Frisco that you’ll likely be out and about a LOT, but it always feels nice to come back to a fresh and clean home. Fortunately, Frisco has access to amazing professional housekeeping. Highland Park Housekeeping is Frisco’s top luxury housekeeping service. They use high-quality, natural products and are top reviewed on Google. Plus, every housekeeper is a full-time worker that is bonded, insured and background checked. So when you’re searching for housekeeping Frisco’s finest is Highland Park Housekeeping!

Why We Care About Women at Work

When searching for a new job, what do you look for? Manageable hours? Competitive salary? A company culture you vibe with?

Of course you do – everybody looks for these things. But the criteria for an ideal job – or even just a feasible job – is slightly more complicated for many women. Charged with the tasks of working AND raising a family, it can be extremely difficult to find a job that works. Many women have to hire extra help, and if that isn’t possible, they have to leave work altogether.

So what’s a lady to do? Well, we see two options: start your own business, or find a holy-grail-unicorn-type-job that makes it possible to (prepare yourself for a terrible cliché) “have it all.” Here’s a spoiler alert: our long-term mission is to make female entrepreneurship more accessible and possible than ever. But before we can get there, we‘re starting with offering jobs that allow women to work and take care of their families. I guess you could call us the keepers of the holy grail.

Here are some things we offer:

  1.  Competitive pay that is well above the industry average – we believe that everyone deserves to be compensated well for the work that they do.
  2. Family-friendly hours – work ends at 4 so that our employees can be home when their kids get back from school. Despite many requests from our lovely customers, we are also not open on the weekends to allow for family time.1
  3. Opportunities to move up – Promotions are common and encouraged at HPH We love seeing our employees grow.

And guess what? We’re hiring! We’re looking for everything from housekeepers to managers to social media strategists, so if you’ve got talent, please reach out at our jobs page. We’d love to have you

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year really hits different this year, doesn’t it? While we’re all thrilled to put this year behind us and move forward into a hopeful 2021, we can’t really move forward until we assess last night’s damage – we’re talking about the stains, spots, and sticky-icky that comes as a biproduct of a celebratory New Year’s Eve. Is a champagne toast really done right if there isn’t at least a little splash on the floor? We don’t think so. Read on to find out how to get any alcohol out of any surface.

How to clean red wine from the couch

The most common culprit of all. Here are the steps:

  1. Immediacy is key. Always have a white towel on hand to put over a spill as soon as it happens. This will help prevent more liquid from seeping in.
  2. Check your laundry cabinet. Stain remover is your friend here, but make sure there’s not bleach in it. If you don’t have stain remover we recommend using a bit of laundry soap.
  3. Grab a damp microfiber cloth and gently press the stain remover or laundry soap into the stain. Let it sit for a bit – 5 minutes should be sufficient.
  4. With a fresh rag, blot up the stain gently. This is especially important as you don’t want to rub the wine deeper into the upholstery.

How to clean vodka from the carpet

  1. Same rule as above – immediacy is key. Grab your white cloth and blot. Then tackle the smell.
  2. Laundry detergent will do the trick. Double check and make sure there isn’t any bleach in it or prepare to wreck your rug. Put a small amount on a damp microfiber cloth and press it in to the stain.
  3. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes to do some work before rinsing your cloth and pressing again, this time with the goal of picking up any residual detergent and the smell that comes with it.
  4. Make sure you are blotting, not rubbing. You don’t want to spread the stain out.
  5. You may have to repeat this process multiple times to really eliminate the smell. Patience, young grasshopper.

How to clean champagne from bed linens

  1. Guess what? Immediacy is still key. Don’t leave your sheets in the hamper for three days or you can get used to those stains.
  2. Freeze! Before reading any of these steps, be sure to check for any specific instructions for your particular bed linens. While this might seem silly, if you have any sort of specialty or high end linens, your instructions may be different.
  3. This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re thinking about using bleach! Bleach will ruin nice sheets.
  4. Instead of bleach, opt for laundry soap that is effective and good for you. We love Seventh Generation laundry detergent in lavender scent. It’s the #1 pick from our founder because it smells great and doesn’t include any ingredients that will irritate your skin or ruin your linens.
  5. Any other laundry soap will work fine too. Next time you’re at the store, consider Seventh Generation as a healthier and more sustainable option.

Hopefully, these tips make your NYE cleanup a little easier and a lot less stressful. If you love these tips, we’ve got more for you. Check out our easy online course, How To Clean Your House, for more step-by-step walkthroughs on your most pressing cleaning questions.



Superior Housekeeping and Ethical Employment: The Mission of HPH

In case you don’t know our backstory very well, here’s a synopsis – our founder, Jeri, moved to Highland Park in 2009 after leaving New York on the heels of the recession. Jeri’s a lifelong entrepreneur, having owned a few small businesses before this move. But this time, Jeri was armed with something different – not just a great business idea, but an ethical mission.

In her years living in New York, Jeri had 3 kids, and she was suddenly confronted with the harsh reality that working and having a family is – for lack of a better description – super hard. She wanted to spend time with her kids, but she also wanted to work. She wanted to be there when her children got home from school, but she also wanted to be successful. And so, through years of fielding calls from her employees asking if they could switch shifts and calls from her kids asking if she could drop off their forgotten P.E. clothes, Jeri realized there needed to be a business where working Moms could have a respectable, well-paying profession that also let them spend time with their families.

So, when Jeri arrived in Dallas and realized that there wasn’t a high-quality luxury cleaning service available, a lightbulb went off. Here was the opportunity she’d dreamed of: to create a business that meets a need with superior service while also providing great jobs for women who really need them. And so, Highland Park Housekeeping was born.

Since then, the ethical treatment of our employees has been at the core of our company’s mission.

1. Paying good wages – We pay well above industry average, plus bonuses and tips from our gracious customers.

2. Fair and flexible work hours – We start work at 8 and end at 4 to ensure our employees have time to send their kids to school in the morning and be there when they get home.

3. Vacation pay – We ensure our employees have meaningful time off to recharge.

4. Training – Highland Park Housekeeping is committed to making housekeeping a profession. Our employees complete rigorous training to becoming housekeeping professionals, armed with the knowledge and expertise to provide five-star service.

5. Company vehicle provided – Giving our employees company vans helps them keep the mileage on their cars low.

6. No work on the weekends – So they can spend time with families.

Whenever you read about working women, it’s always under the assumption that women simply can’t support their families and spend time with their kids. Highland Park Housekeeping is changing that. We empower women to have respectable, well-paying jobs that allow them to continue to care for their families. One sparkling house at a time.

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