What Is the Average Cost for House Cleaning

Hiring a cleaning service for your residence can save you a lot of time and labor and provide you with a greater level of cleanliness than you could achieve on your own. While these benefits may sound tempting, some people are concerned about the extra costs associated with hiring a cleaning service. What is the average cost for house cleaning? To answer that question, it’s helpful to take a closer at the types of cleaning services offered to households in the Dallas area, which will make it easier to distinguish the average costs for each type of service.

What Is and Isn’t Included in the Quote?

It’s important to note that the average cost of a house cleaning won’t include certain costs. When you request a quote from a cleaning service like Highland Park Housekeeping, you should keep these extra costs in mind. The quote you receive will include the costs of the cleaning team’s labor, materials and supplies, and prep work and cleanup. If you request a specific cleaning solution, such as those that don’t use toxic chemicals, make sure to ask if there’s an extra charge. Typically, the quoted price includes Dallas sales taxes on cleaning supplies, but it’s a good idea to ask anyway. A thorough understanding of the quote will save you from unexpected expenses later.

What Is the Average Cost for House Cleaning in Dallas?

According to Manta, basic house cleaning costs in Dallas can range from $88 to $296 on average. The broad price range takes several factors into consideration, such as the size of the home and the services included in a basic cleaning. Companies that go a little further will exceed the base $88 cost, but you’ll get more for your money. Make sure you understand what you’ll be getting for the quoted price. Highland Park Housekeeping provides a detailed cleaning list demonstrating the services we include in a basic cleaning. Our basic service includes dusting furnishings, wiping down exterior cabinetry, vacuuming and mopping floors, making beds, and removing trash. This basic service package costs $105 per hour for a two-person team of cleaners. That price includes the use of non-toxic cleaning solutions. We provide basic cleaning services specific to kitchens and bathrooms, such as cleaning sinks, toilets, and appliances. We’ll even wash your dishes or load your dishwasher. Keep in mind that increasing the amount of work you want completed will also increase the time it will take to complete your cleaning project. That, in turn, will drive up your total costs.

What’s the Difference Between Basic Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

Many homeowners consider a deep cleaning service a better bargain since you only pay a little more and get much more comprehensive treatment. For example, Highland Park Housekeeping only charges $109 per hour for a two-person cleaning team. The deep cleaning includes the same services included with the basic service. Additionally, we’ll clean ceiling fans, ceilings, vents and registers, baseboards, and cabinet interiors. We’ll also hit those hard-to-reach spots beneath and behind furnishings. Your bathrooms and kitchens will also undergo a deeper cleaning process as well to remove stubborn stains, grime, and mildew.

What Does a “Move Out” Cleaning Involve?

What is the average cost for house cleaning after remodeling or moving out of your home? You can expect to pay a little more since you’ll need to remove any signs of wear and tear on the property. The move-out cleaning service we provide is similar to our deep cleaning service. We charge $119 for this package, which involves thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and other difficult-to-clean areas. Since you’ll have vacated the property or rooms that need cleaning, the service may not include dusting furnishings or making the beds. When you’re moving, hiring a cleaning service can save you valuable time and eliminate some of the stress involved in the transition.

A Clean That’s Worth the Cost

It’s up to you to determine whether to work with a skilled cleaning company like Highland Park Housekeeping or tackle difficult household cleaning tasks yourself. While hiring a cleaning service requires you to add an extra expense to your monthly budget, the benefits can be worthwhile, especially if you have small children or pets. Paying for professional-quality cleaning can help you maintain a safer, more sanitary, and more aesthetically pleasing home.

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