What’s the difference between a Highland Park Housekeeping clean and every other cleaning service out there? What’s that secret sauce – that feeling after your first appointment when you walk in your front door and immediately think
“Yup, this is special.”?

Here’s a hint: it’s all in the details.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve, but here’s one we’re willing to share for free: there are some spots in your house that we’re willing to bet you (or any cleaning service you’ve ever hired) have never wiped, dusted or scrubbed. And while that dust and dirt may be minimal at first, it builds up into a mess that just ruins the clean, no matter how many times you vacuum your floors. These spots are the secret to a home that not only looks impeccably clean but feels oh-so-fresh.

So take a scroll through our Spot Check Guide and see how you measure up. Then, give us a call and book or download How To Clean Your House, our tell-all guide with everything you need to do it all yourself.

With details like these done, you’ll surely feel the difference.

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