Signs of a Bad Cleaning Lady

There’s much more to a good cleaning service than meets the eye. Reputation, pricing, and customer service are valuable aspects that make a noticeable difference. And of course, you need your cleaning lady to be careful with your home and belongings. 

But what are the telltale signs of a bad cleaning lady that you’ll want to watch out for? If you notice the following signs, you’ll want to entrust your home to a more professional and experienced service, like Highland Park Housekeeping.

Poor Time Management

Some housekeeping companies can take almost an entire workday to clean a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home. On the other hand, there are companies that claim they can clean your home in just two hours, which may not be nearly sufficient for quality results. 

Many services will even only send one cleaning lady, automatically ensuring that the job will take longer by default.

Highland Park Housekeeping can complete jobs of this size in roughly four hours — a timeline that balances speed and efficacy. We also send two maids to every client to help facilitate a quicker workflow and better attention to detail. A cleaning lady duo also makes jobs less stressful and safer for our employees. 

Our cleaners arrive on time for every home, so you can expect that we’ll have your home perfectly clean within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Lack of Care

A clean home is a healthy home, but a bad cleaning service can create the opposite effect. One of the most concerning signs of a bad cleaning lady is the use of toxic cleaning products. 

Cleaners who clean homes with potentially toxic products might be able to get your home clean, but it comes at the cost of making allergies worse or getting pets and children sick.

Highland Park Housekeeping is still the only cleaning service in Dallas that prioritizes using nontoxic cleaning products. The health and safety of our customers is paramount to us, which is why you can trust us to use effective, non-toxic products at no extra charge consistently. 

Minimal Communication 

Do you know exactly what to expect from your cleaning services when they arrive? One of the unfortunate signs of a bad cleaning lady is needing clarification about what they’ll be cleaning. 

Some companies will offer vague, broad guarantees and say they’ll clean “everything,” but you’ll be understandably upset when you get home and realize the service fell short of this promise. 

Other companies don’t have specific guidelines in place for their cleanings and fail to communicate clearly with you, leaving you in the dark about what exactly you’re paying for.

The cleaning team at Highland Park Housekeeping provides detailed guidelines for all of our services and communicates with you every step of the way. We have clear checklists for all our services on our website, so you know what to expect. 

We also encourage our customers to reach out if they’d like additional services; we’re always happy to help clean other parts of your home that aren’t on your list!

Hire a Good Cleaning Lady from Highland Park Housekeeping

These aren’t the only signs of a bad cleaning lady. With Highland Park Housekeeping caring for your home, you can avoid the frustrations of hiring a bad cleaning lady and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with exceptional service. We understand that when you hire us for housekeeping services, you are entrusting your home to us. 

If you’re looking for an unbeatable clean in Dallas from cleaners who care, reach out to Highland Park Housekeeping today to book your appointment!

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