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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

1) Skilled and Professional Staff

One of the first things you should consider when hiring a cleaning company is how its crew is trained. While cleaning a house is not particularly complex, it can still be hard to get your money’s worth if your chosen cleaning service does not have adequately skilled or trained employees.

Check out your shortlisted companies’ websites to see how their employees are trained. You will have an easier experience working with a company if they set qualification requirements for cleaners, as all new hires will already be aware of what to do.

2) Insurance and Permits

An insured cleaning service will have a ‘Certificate of Insurance’ issued by their insurance provider(s). When hiring a cleaning company, there are three insurance types you need to look for:

a) General Liability Insurance

A well-insured company would have at least $1 million worth of general liability insurance. General liability insurance is crucial because it helps cover the repairs or replacement costs if the cleaners end up accidentally damaging something (such as the floors or furniture) in your house. If the company does not have a general liability policy, you will be on the hook for any damages incurred during cleaning.

b) Employee Bonding Insurance

This type of coverage protects you against thefts or any other kind of dishonest activities conducted or attempted by the company’s employees. Alongside Employee Bonding Insurance, you must also consider the cleaning company’s hiring and background-checking processes. Professional cleaning services commonly reveal all formal processes used to screen employees. Some companies even have all their workers carry company IDs as proof of background checks.

c) Workers Compensation

All W2 employees require workers’ compensation. However, it is quite expensive and many private cleaners and small companies cannot or do not buy it. The reason that workers’ compensation is so essential for you is that, if an employee, say, slips on the floor and ends up injuring themselves, it is this insurance policy that will cover their medical bills and paid time off.

3) Price by the Hour v/s Price by the Job

When it comes to pricing, cleaning companies can either price their services by the hour or by the job.

a) Pricing by the Hour

If a company quotes a ‘by the hour’ price, you should ask specifically how long they will be at your home and how many workers they will be sending. Also, ask what would happen if the cleaners end up needing more time than was quoted initially.

b) Pricing by the Job

If the business is providing a quote based on the job, the price is set. Remember that the price will typically be greater up front to reflect any anticipated time overages, particularly for the initial cleaning.

4) Customer Reviews

Every time you come across a cleaning company that catches your attention, you should read customer reviews to see if they would be suitable for you. When going through client reviews, pay attention to both positive and negative ones. This will help you better weigh the pros and cons of hiring the company.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to hire a housekeeper, but you cannot choose someone with a poor reputation. Even if someone recommends a house cleaner, research them online to find out more about the company and read about past client experiences.

5) Equipment and Supplies

Generally, professional cleaners provide their own tools and cleaning supplies. These expenses are included in the total cost of the cleaning. Keep in mind that if you are expected to provide your own materials, out-of-pocket expenses will go up since you will have to buy cleaning products regularly.

6) Satisfaction Guarantee

A reputable cleaning service should ALWAYS be confident of their work. This is because such businesses go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with their service. Generally, instead of offering discounts, service-based companies guarantee their work. They offer a 24- or 48-hour guarantee during which clients can reach out and express any concerns or dissatisfactions about the services. The company will then either offer to return and fix the problem (known as ‘touchup’) or pay more attention to the problematic area in the future.

Professional Cleaners Westlake

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