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If you’re looking for housekeeping, Dallas TX is a great place to look. Our city is chock full of maid services and cleaning companies that range in price to fit any budget. Here at Highland Park Housekeeping, we’re at the top of the list when it comes to the pricing of Dallas cleaning services. But why? Well, we have our reasons. And if we’re going to charge $95/hour for our most basic clean, we think you know them too. Read on to learn more about why we charge more to clean your house than other Dallas cleaners.

We’re the only Dallas cleaning service that cleans in teams of 2.

While you might be paying half as much for another service, that’s partially because you’re paying for half as many people! We clean in teams of 2 to be more efficient, increase accountability, and thoroughly finish your home in half the time.

We bring only top-quality tools & supplies.

You’ll never find watered-down Fabuloso in our tidy caddies. We use top-quality, eco-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning products that work great and smell great, as well as the finest vacuums in the industry.

We pay our housekeepers’ competitive wages, plus healthcare & benefits.

Housekeeping is a skill. It’s a physical job that requires lots of knowledge of specific techniques, special surfaces in the home, different products, and more. It’s not easy! And that’s why we make sure to pay our employees an appropriate wage. Housekeeping should be valued as a profession, one that women (and men!) can use to provide for their families. Making Housekeeping a Profession is our mission, and it’s rolled into our prices as well.

We believe you get what you pay for, and our service is just higher quality.

It’s the truth! Here are a few things we do that differentiate us from our competitors:
We offer concierge customer service, including managers that check jobs for quality control and personal contact with our customer service team.
We use exact appointment times rather than windows, so you can know when we’ll arrive and when we’ll be gone.
We guarantee satisfaction 100% of the time. If you’re not satisfied with our service, we will send another team back, free of charge, until you are happy with your home.

We know that you value the money you work for, so we take our pricing model very seriously. Our price is premium, and our product is too.

Are you outside of our service area? No worries – you can still experience the HPH level of cleanliness with our housekeeping guide, available under the DIY tab on our website. These checklists and videos will help you learn how to clean your house up to Highland Park Housekeeping’s standards of excellence. This is DIY house cleaning like you’ve never seen before!

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