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Packing up and moving from your current residence can be challenging. The last thing on your mind is likely getting your old place cleaned. This important detail often gets forgotten, forcing you to scramble at the last minute to complete the task. Instead of dealing with that extra stress, you can leave the cleaning to the professionals. The experts at Highland Park Housekeeping in Plano provide moving out cleaning services for residents like you. Whether you sold your home, you’re a renter moving on, or a landlord preparing for a new tenant, the cleaning process when moving out is crucial. The new residents will appreciate a clean space, and our housekeepers are ready to help. 

What Are Moving Out Cleaning Services? 

Moving out cleaning is a thorough home cleaning that must be done after a former occupant vacates the space. This process varies from routine cleaning because it goes deeper than dusting away the dirt. During a moving out cleaning, you’ll want to take care of the places often neglected during weekly cleanings, including under appliances and around doorframes. Highland Park Housekeeping offers moving out cleaning services in Plano and can save you from this time-consuming process!   

Why Use Moving Out Cleaning Services in Plano?

Moving out of a home stirs up a lot of dirt and dust. After the trucks are loaded, you may look around and realize the place is a mess! But you don’t need to jump into action scrubbing the floors and walls. This is where moving out cleaning services becomes a practical investment. Besides convenience, there are several other benefits to hiring a professional housekeeping service to complete your move out clean, such as: 

  • You focus your time and energy on moving 
  • The space gets a thorough cleaning 
  • Renters will get their security deposit returned
  • You prevent additional moving-day stress
  • It creates more appeal for prospective buyers or renters 
  • You help with long-term cleanliness 

Hiring a professional cleaning company will help your rental history if you are moving out of an apartment. You’ll leave on a good note, improving your chances of getting a positive referral from your landlord.  

Experienced Professionals from Highland Park Housekeeping 

We want you to know your home is safe with us. Each team member is fully bonded and insured and undergoes a background check. Before being assigned a job, they must complete training on safe, non-toxic cleaning methods that protect everyone’s health.  When you schedule with us, we’ll send a team of two housekeepers to your home equipped with the best supplies to complete the job. They will take their time and effectively clean while paying close attention to every detail. Our team can tackle both large- and small-scale cleaning jobs. Every job is customized to meet your needs, and there’s nothing too big or small for our housekeepers.  

Thorough Moving Out Cleaning Services in Plano 

When you want more time to focus on unpacking at your new home, count on Highland Park Housekeeping. Our cleaners understand the importance of each detail, so we’ll focus on eliminating every speck of dust or pet hair left behind. Our moving out cleaning services include our basic cleaning, but you’ll also get these additional services:  

  • Wiping all switch plates 
  • Dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures 
  • Cleaning interior and exterior of cabinets and drawers 
  • Vacuuming all rugs and carpets 
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors 
  • Hand-wiping door frames, baseboards, and floor edges 
  • Cleaning air vents and woodwork
  • Deep cleaning showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets 
  • Taking out the trash 

If you’ve forgotten to clean out the refrigerator or freezer, not to worry — we’ll take care of those items, too! 

Have a Worry-Free Move with Moving Out Cleaning Services in Plano

Moving out of your home doesn’t have to be a stressful time. You can rely on professional cleaners from Highland Park Housekeeping to arrive at the scheduled time to freshen up your old home. Trust that our team will take care of all cleaning, allowing you to focus on organizing your new home.   If you already know your moving date, you can eliminate some of the stress now. Booking your appointment with Highland Park Housekeeping with fully trained cleaners ensures that every surface in your home is thoroughly cleaned. By working with our team, you can let us handle the dirty work while you have more time for yourself. You can choose a date and time that fits your schedule and customize your cleaning services. Call Highland Park Housekeeping or use our convenient online booking portal today!

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