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Keeping a clean home takes more time and effort than you might realize. Even a quick refresh can take over an hour. That’s time you could be spending with your family or looking after your personal fitness. Rather than trying to cram household chores into an already packed schedule, why not let professionals clean your home for you? 

Highland Park Housekeeping offers an affordable maid service in Rivercrest to help you keep up with your daily chores. You can choose between our basic and deep cleaning services. As you explore these services and experience them firsthand, you’ll realize how much better life is when you hire a trusted company to do the cleaning for you.

Basic Maid Service in Rivercrest Keeps Things Under Control

As you fall behind on your household cleaning, you’ll notice that problems can quickly mount up. 

After just one week of neglect, dirt and debris can pile up in unlikely or unnoticeable places. Soon, those areas become eyesores that need your immediate attention. From hard-to-reach corners that gather dust and dirt to clutter that collects on tables and shelves, you’ll soon face a dispiriting list of cleaning tasks.

Highland Park Housekeeping provides an affordable basic cleaning service that addresses all of these important areas to help you keep a cleaner, neater home. 

Since you can schedule time with us as frequently as you like, keeping up with your home’s cleaning needs is easy. You can rely on our service to keep from falling behind on your household tasks from week to week.

We’ll send a team of two housekeepers to provide full basic maid service in your Rivercrest home. This starts with cleaning the floors in every room. We’ll vacuum rugs and rooms with carpeting, and we’ll sweep and mop other types of flooring. We’ll dust your furnishings and the exteriors on cabinets and drawers to keep buildup at bay.

In your kitchens and bathrooms, our maid service includes polishing sink fixtures, mirrors, and countertops. We’ll also clean bathtubs and showers, toilets, and appliance exteriors. If you have dirty dishes in your kitchen sink, we’ll either load them into your dishwasher or wash and dry them by hand.

Finally, we’ll make the beds in your bedrooms and empty all of the trash receptacles in your home. When we’re finished, we’ll leave you with a fresh and clean home.

When Do You Need Our Deep Cleaning Service?

If you have never used a maid service in Rivercrest, we recommend our deep cleaning service to get started. 

Deep cleaning ensures every area of your home is thoroughly cleaned before you schedule regular basic cleaning services. The deep cleaning option includes everything that a basic cleaning includes, along with added services that address often-neglected parts of your home. 

In a deep cleaning appointment, a team of two housekeepers will also clean woodwork, vents, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and moldings. We will vacuum your upholstered furniture, clean floor edges and corners, and wash baseboards. If necessary, we can also clean the interiors of cupboards and shelves.

In bedrooms, we can change the sheets before making your beds. In the kitchen, we’ll clean the interior and exterior of the range hood. We can also clean the interior of the microwave and other appliances upon request.

We recommend a deep cleaning every six months to keep up with the accumulation of dirt and debris. Additionally, we offer a modified version of our deep cleaning service that’s ideal for moving out of an apartment, condo, or house. Our move-out service is ideal for preparing a unit for viewing by a property owner, buyer, or prospective tenant.

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to experience a professional cleaning and maid service in Rivercrest, Highland Park Housekeeping is ready to help. Whether you want basic or deep cleaning, scheduling time with a team of two housekeepers is easy and quick. To set up your first appointment, book us online today.

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