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Although Fort Worth is a suburb of Dallas, it’s also a bustling metro area of its own. While it provides plenty of opportunities for work, education, and entertainment, Fort Worth also brings the disadvantages of big-city living. This includes higher concentrations of pollution and smog, making it more challenging to keep a clean home.

If common myths are keeping you from using a maid service in Fort Worth to keep up with these unique cleaning needs, it’s time to dispel those misconceptions. Once you learn the truth about hiring a home cleaning service, you can begin experiencing the advantages of working with Highland Park Housekeeping.

Myth 1: Using a Maid Service in Fort Worth Is Inconvenient

When you hire Highland Park Housekeeping to clean your home, you can make other plans for yourself. If you need to leave the home for an appointment, simply provide instructions for safely accessing your home. We’ll clean your home while you’re out. 

If you’re a regular customer, we can also provide a complimentary lockbox that will allow you to securely leave spare keys for our housekeeping team.

Myth 2: Boarding Your Pet Is Necessary

When you use our maid service in Fort Worth, you’ll find that our housekeepers love animals. We have experience working in the presence of pets, and we’ll look forward to meeting your four-legged family members. There’s no need to lock your pets away or schedule off-site boarding for them.

Myth 3: Customers Must Provide Their Own Supplies

Another common misconception about housekeeping companies is that your maid service in Fort Worth will use your equipment and supplies. Highland Park Housekeeping provides all of the equipment and supplies our housekeepers could need. We use non-toxic chemicals that are effective in eliminating germs and bacteria.

Myth 4: Canceling a Cleaning Appointment Costs You a Fee

You can always cancel an appointment with Highland Park Housekeeping. If you cancel the appointment more than 24 hours in advance, there isn’t a charge. However, if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours of notice, you will have to pay the full charge you normally would have paid for the service.

Myth 5: You Have to Pay Extra for Sanitizing 

While it’s true that cleaning and disinfecting are two separate tasks, Highland Park Housekeeping uses cleaning supplies that perform both of these functions at once. 

Our non-toxic cleaning supplies help us clean dirt and debris from surfaces while ensuring bacteria and germs get eliminated. This means your home is properly sanitized each time we provide cleaning services for you.

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Highland Park Housekeeping will help you keep up with the higher need for cleanliness in your Fort Worth home. We provide basic and deep cleaning needs to leave you with a cleaner living environment. To get started, contact us today.

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