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How to Evaluate Your Housekeeper

Maybe your housekeeper has worked for you for a day, or a month, or a year, or maybe even longer! They might be a lovely person, but how do you know they’re an excellent housekeeper? We’ll break down a few spots to check to figure out just how great your housekeeper really is.

Top of Light Fixtures

If you want to know if your housekeeper knows how to clean your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or pretty much any other room in your house, start at the top with this trick. Run your finger across the top of your ceiling fans and light fixtures (you may need to grab a ladder for this). Are they dusty? Dirty? If so, the job wasn’t very thorough. It’s best to start a job by dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures and working your way down through the room. Otherwise, a spotless dusting job can be ruined with a quick flip of a switch.


Now that you’ve checked the thing that should have been dusted first, check the thing that should have been dusted last: the baseboards! In a deep clean, it’s important to catch dust and dirt with a nice thorough vacuum and wipe down of the baseboards. It’s not the most obvious spot to catch grime, but it makes a huge difference. Your baseboards should be left nice and fresh. A simple finger swipe will put this spot to the test.

Exterior of Toilet

Here’s another trick to see if your housekeeper really knows how to clean your house. Even the amateurs know to do the toilet bowl, but if you really want to check for a job well done, look at the sides of your toilet’s exterior and the edges by where the seat connects. Dust and other yucky stuff gathers in those cracks and crevices and often gets missed unless a particular attention to detail has been taken.

Check Your Feet

The last tried and true trick to testing your housekeeper’s efficacy? Take a walk through every room in your home – barefoot! When you’re done, check the soles of your feet. A little gross maybe, but it’s important! How do they look? Nice and clean, or gray and dirty? If they’re the latter, check out our guides to keeping your floors clean and recommend those methods to your housekeeper.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but it’s a start! If you need a completely exhaustive list, check out our housekeeping guide and diy house cleaning videos. They’re perfect to use on your own or give to your housekeeper to help her learn how to give a five star clean.

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