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Few people look forward to mundane tasks like dusting light fixtures and mopping the floors. These tasks are essential for keeping a healthy, clean home, but it’s not necessary for you to sacrifice your own time to complete them. A house cleaning service in Plano, like Highland Park Housekeeping, can gladly do these chores for you. We are staffed with trained, professional cleaners who have been doing the dirty work for local homeowners since 2009. Our goal is to help our clients find more time to do the things they love. We do that by cleaning your home, no matter how big or small, and on your desired schedule. 

When to Call for Home Housekeeping Services in Plano

For many of our clients, it’s not that they cannot clean their own homes. But it’s always nice to have more time to focus on other things. Whether you’re trying to catch up on your current book or head to the baseball field to watch your kid play, it’s a relief to know that there isn’t a mess waiting for you when you come home.  

But there are several other reasons you may need to hire a house cleaning service in Plano. It’s time to call Highland Park Housekeeping if you are: 

  • Recovering from an injury or illness
  • Needing to prioritize other tasks over routine cleaning
  • Dealing with major life changes
  • Trading sleeping for cleaning
  • Deciding to make time for yourself 

After a professional cleaning by Highland Park Housekeeping, your home will be better organized, and you’ll feel less stress. You can rest assured that our team will make your house sparkle from top to bottom!

The Convenience of a House Cleaning Service in Plano

We’ve established ourselves as a reputable house cleaning service in Plano, not only for our exceptional service but also because of our flexible scheduling that makes our services convenient. Homeowners no longer must choose between enjoying life and maintaining a clean home. Our housekeepers will follow a rigid cleaning routine that takes care of your home for you, allowing you to focus on more important activities. You can even make special requests during your cleaning appointment, and our cleaners will aim to meet those requests. With Highland Park Housekeeping, you can choose from a range of services to suit your unique needs.

Basic Home Housekeeping Services in Plano

Don’t let the thought of cleaning your home overwhelm you. Instead, call Highland Park Housekeeping for basic cleaning services that include the following: 

  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher 
  • Scrubbing showers, tubs, and sinks 
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors 
  • Dusting
  • Taking out the trash 
  • Making beds 

When you prefer your dishes to be hand washed and dried, your cleaning team will honor your request. Before leaving your home, our professional cleaners will ensure every fixture is polished to eliminate dust, grime, and fingerprints.

Deep House Cleaning Services in Plano

Our deep cleaning service focuses on the tough stuff. We’ll scrub the grout to remove the sludge that is trapped; we’ll also dust the ceiling fans and light fixtures, so those particles don’t circulate throughout your home. Homeowners will find their homes sparkling clean and won’t have to sacrifice their time to do these chores. When you schedule a deep cleaning with Highland Park Housekeeping, you’ll have a clean interior and exterior cooking range, along with walls and baseboards. We’ll even change your sheets upon your request. 

House Cleaning Services for Moving

If you’re making a move, whether it’s in or out of a home, Highland Park Housekeeping provides house cleaning services in Plano to make your move easier. We’ll work with you before or after making the move, and our expert cleaning teams will arrive promptly at the scheduled time to complete a comprehensive cleaning. 

By scheduling our moving cleaning services, you will receive the following services:

  • Scrubbing grout, toilets, showers, and sinks 
  • Cleaning and polishing the inside and outside of all appliances 
  • Wiping switch plates and floor edges 
  • Cleaning all vents and woodwork 
  • Taking out trash 

We’ll prepare the space for the new owners or have it fresh for you when you’re ready to move in.

Schedule Your Home Housekeeping Services in Plano 

Why not simplify your life and hire a reputable cleaning company? Homeowners trust Highland Park Housekeeping in Plano because our highly trained housekeepers can ensure your home will be thoroughly cleaned at your desired intervals. Whether you need a one-time clean to prepare for a move or a deep cleaning to freshen your home for spring, our team is the one to call. Let us help you find more time to enjoy your life, and call or book online with us today!

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