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What would you do if you had more free time each week? Would you finally tackle that pottery project you’ve been meaning to start? Maybe you’d take the plunge and join a gym. You can do those things and more by hiring skilled cleaners from Highland Park Housekeeping for your house cleaning service in Frisco. We’ve been helping customers in the Frisco area find time in their weeks to try new activities or focus on other priorities since 2009. Whether you choose our house deep cleaning service or basic cleaning, you can trust that our team will provide you with exceptional results.  

Experienced Housekeepers in Frisco 

At Highland Park Housekeeping, we offer luxury, top-of-the-line services performed by thoroughly trained employees. We can provide you with the pristine home you dream of, and we will tailor our cleaning to suit your individual needs. Don’t delay learning that new skill because you must clean your home. Instead, get the help you need by scheduling your appointment with a professional Frisco housekeeping service you can trust.   

Your Luxury House Cleaning Service in Frisco   

It can take a substantial amount of time to thoroughly clean any home. Your personal and professional life may limit the time you have to spend cleaning. You can stay ahead of schedule by leaving the cleaning to the professionals. When you choose our skilled housekeepers to care for your home, you can expect to receive: 

A Careful Focus on the Details 

Highland Park Housekeeping provides paid employee training, allowing them to learn five-star, non-toxic cleaning procedures. We always send a team of two for every job to keep tasks more manageable.  

Extensive Cleaning 

During your scheduled cleaning, your assigned team completes a detailed checklist to ensure they cover every inch of your home. They’ll scrub your appliances, toilets, walls, and floors, and when possible, they will also follow any special requests you may have.   

Dusting Every Nook and Cranny 

Our services are customizable and designed to meet your needs. We can complete a basic cleaning that will tidy up your home weekly. Or you can schedule a comprehensive house deep cleaning service for a top-to-bottom scrub of every surface.     

A Flexible Cleaning Experience 

Everyone has been in that situation where you run out of cleaning products in the middle of the job. With a professional housekeeping service, that’s no longer a concern, because we bring all the supplies needed to clean your home. However, if you have specific products you’d prefer we use, send us a note, and we’ll make sure they’re used.  

Eliminate Your Moving Stress

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. But by hiring a professional house cleaning service in Frisco, you can simplify the process and eliminate some stress. Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or upgrading to a larger home, our cleaning team can complete the following services:   

  • Clean and polish all appliances 
  • Remove dirt and dust from appliances and shelves 
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers 
  • Scrub the surfaces of sinks, toilets, and showers 

Upon completion, your old space will be ready for the new occupants, or your new home will be waiting for you, fresh and clean. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Regardless of how focused you are on cleaning, neglecting this tedious task is easy. Over time, the bacteria and dust build up and can wreak havoc on your health. Rather than worrying about putting your family’s health at risk, call upon the professionals at Highland Park Housekeeping. 

Maintaining your health isn’t the only benefit of hiring a cleaning service. You’ll also enjoy:    

  • More detailed cleaning
  • Improved indoor air quality 
  • Prolonging your home’s lifespan
  • No longer having to keep dangerous chemicals in your home 

Whether you need our services once a week or a month, you’ll quickly begin benefiting from our knowledge of cleaning techniques. 

Trust the Cleaners from Highland Park Housekeeping 

When you welcome any cleaning service into your home, you’ll want to know that you are safe. At Highland Park Housekeeping, we have our employees complete an extensive background check before they can begin a job. They also are bonded and insured, protecting themselves and you in the event of an accident.  

Your cleaning team will consist of two professional cleaners with a company vehicle stocked with the necessary supplies. We use non-toxic products that are safe for children, pets, and our employees.    

Let our experienced housekeepers lessen your stress. Contact Highland Park Housekeepers or schedule a cleaning online today!

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