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Keeping your house neat and tidy can be difficult to do when you’re a working professional or a parent with a busy day-to-day life. You might be able to neaten up a few rooms on certain days of the week, but doing a deep clean of the entire house can feel like a huge commitment.

You might dread the thought of spending your day off doing nothing but cleaning, but don’t worry because Highland Housekeeping is here to help. Here is a list of the professional cleaning services Southlake residents rely on us for.

Types of Cleaning Services

We have split up our cleaning services into three types:

  • Basic Clean
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Moving Out Cleaning

Basic Clean

The Basic Clean package is perfect for when you want to get some surface level cleaning done to get your home to feel clean and fresh. However, this cleaning is more in-depth than you might think.

Our staff will dust your furniture, wipe down your cabinets and drawers, vacuum the floors and rugs, make your beds, mop your floors, and take out the trash. They’ll also load up your dishwater, hand wash and dry your dishes, clean the sinks and countertops, wipe down appliances, and polish your fixtures.

Next, they will give your bathroom a good cleaning by targeting the shower and tub, sinks and counters, and toilets.

Basic Clean Fees

We charge $105 per hour for this cleaning service and send over two experienced housekeepers with supplies to get the job done well.

Deep Cleaning

Our Deep Cleaning package is perfect for homeowners who want to give their home a thorough cleaning. This service is perfect if you’re planning to host a get together or guests in the coming days.

This package includes all the cleaning tasks we perform in our Basic Clean package. However, we also tackle additional items such as ceiling fans, light fixtures, woodwork, vents, furniture, cabinet and drawer interiors, plates, decorative items, floor edges, and baseboards.

In the kitchen we also target the range hood and clean it inside out. Our housekeepers also performed a detailed scrub to get rid of any grout in your bathroom.

Deep Cleaning Fees

We charge $109 per hour for this cleaning service and send over two experienced housekeepers with supplies to ensure your home is fresh and sparkling by the end of the day.

Moving Clean

If you thought our Deep Cleaning package was thorough, just wait till you hear about our Moving Clean package. This package is designed for homeowners who intend to move in the future and would like their home looking absolutely pristine for their landlord or the next owners.

This package contains everything from our Deep Cleaning package. However, we take things a step further by removing all items from inside your drawers, cabinets, and appliances, and dispose of them properly.  Consider getting this package if you’ve booked your moving out date.

Moving Clean Fees

We charge $109 per hour for our top-of-the-line moving out cleaning service. We send over two fantastic housekeepers with supplies and a keen eye for detail to ensure your home is spick and span in no time.

Gift Someone Special One of Our Cleaning Services

At Highland Park Housekeeping, we are dedicated to helping you get the best cleaning done at affordable rates. We also offer gift cards so that you can give a special friend or relative our cleaning services. Our current selection of gift cards includes:

Birthday Bash

The Birthday Bash gift card is worth $133.50 and is perfect for a 1.5 hour Basic Cleaning session. We chose to name this card “Birthday Bash” because it is the perfect gift for someone’s birthday.

Fresh Start

Our Fresh Start gift card is worth $198 and covers a 2-hour Moving Cleaning session. This card is an excellent gift for any friend who is struggling to clean up their house before moving for a “Fresh Start”.

Help the Hostess

The Help the Hostess gift card is worth $133.50 and covers a 1.5 hour Basic Cleaning session. Consider gifting this to a friend or relative who is eager to get their house clean before a big get together or social event.

Mom’s Treat

Our Mom’s Treat gift card is worth $356 and covers a four-hour Basic Cleaning session. This is an excellent gift to give your mom and help her relax. The four-hour cleaning session length makes it perfect for cleaning large homes or apartments.

Remodel Refresh

The Remodel Refresh gift card is worth $436 and covers a 4-hour construction clean session. This card is a great fit for anyone who desperately needs their home looking clean and pristine again.

Ultimate Deep

The Ultimate Deep gift card is our most premium card bundle and costs $665. It covers a 7-hour deep clean session for large properties that need an extra deep cleaning. Offer someone a next-level cleaning session with the Ultimate Deep gift card.

Why Choose Highland Park Housekeeping?

If you’re looking for reliable cleaning services, Southlake residents can’t go wrong by choosing HIghland Park Housekeeping. We use five-star non-toxic cleaning methods to provide all the supplies our staff need to get the job done. Our team also utilizes the highest quality German-engineered vacuums to ensure all the dust and dirt is removed from those hard-to-reach spots.

Please contact Highland Park Housekeeping today and learn how the pros clean.

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