Cleaning Services McKinney

Highland Park Housekeeping provides cleaning services McKinney for a quality cleaning experience. We understand how frustrated homeowners can get when they pay for a cleaning service, but the results are less than optimal. The house looks clean at first glance, but the quality service you were guaranteed is nowhere to be seen.

Jeri Fritz, the founder of Highland Park Housekeeping, had been through the same experience and wanted to prevent it for others. Our cleaning service professionals are housekeepers proud of their respectable profession. We offer quality cleaning services to clients for long-term customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for cleaning services McKinney, our company will offer the following services:

Cleaning Services McKinney

At HPH, we have teams for basic, deep, moving, and construction cleaning service. Each team consists of two housekeepers responsible for cleaning tasks assigned to them. Our housekeepers come with essential tools and cleaning supplies—we only use non-toxic and eco-friendly products for cleaning. We also advise our clients to refrain from using toxic chemicals for house cleaning.


The Basic cleaning service courtesy HPH is perfect for the following:

  • One- or two-bedroom small apartments.
  • Two- or three-bedroom home or apartment.
  • Places that are fairly cleanto begin with.
  • Four-bedroom homes or 4000+ sq ft neat houses.
  • Four- or five-bedroom homes.

Our basic cleaning services McKinney take professional cleaning to the next level with dusting, vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and tidying up. The two HPH housekeepers that you hire for basic cleaning will clean all rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

One condition for a basic cleaning service is that the house has to be basically clean. Services like scrubbing, cleaning or washing carpets, hand wiping floors, etc., are not included. We have a checklist for basic cleaning services for all rooms, including cabinet and drawer exterior cleaning, dusting furniture, vacuuming rugs and floors, making beds, mopping floors, and removing trash.

For kitchen cleaning, our housekeepers will load the dishwasher, hand wash, and dry dishes, clean sinks and counters, wipe appliance exteriors, and polish almost-clean fixtures. Bathroom cleaning includes basic shower, tub, toilet, sinks, and counter cleaning with polishing fixtures.

We do not limit ourselves to our basic checklist—you can contact us anytime and let us know if there’s something else you need done.


Deep cleaning service by HPH covers every type of home listed for basic cleaning and includes the following:

  • Large houses (large five bedrooms) with multiple days of work
  • High ceilings, built-ins, and collectibles.

For homes with various decoration pieces and built-ins, we send experienced professional housekeepers to deliver thorough cleaning services. We need to satisfy clients who do not hesitate to rehire us.

Our deep cleaning services McKinney encompass basic cleaning services and add a few more tasks to the checklist for a detailed cleaning experience. We deep clean the entire house from top to bottom, including all bedrooms, living room, family room, den, playroom, dining room, laundry room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Everything is covered in our deep cleaning checklist, from basic dusting, vacuuming, and mopping services to cleaning ceiling fans, washing curtains, cleaning baseboards, making beds, hand wiping floors, and cleaning the vent.

In the kitchen, we perform the basic cleaning tasks and add organizing the pantry, and deep cleaning of the oven, range hood, and other appliances, to the list. Bathroom cleaning is also thorough with detailed scrubbing of grout, mirror cleaning using all-natural supplies, and scrubbing every surface systematically.


Whether moving in or out of a house, you need it thoroughly cleaned for a fresh and clean welcome. Our cleaning service for moving clients applies to the same house sizes and rooms as deep cleaning. We make your move easier with a clean moving checklist that covers all the rooms, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.

Similar to deep cleaning, our housekeepers’ team conducts a detailed check of the house before starting. They make sure no dirt or dust remains inside the house from floor to ceiling. We clean fans, light fixtures, vents, woodworks, cabinets, and other services from the deep cleaning checklist. The kitchen and bathroom are also treated to a comprehensive cleaning service.


HPH offers construction cleaning services McKinney for residents who have remodeled their homes recently. We provide cleaning services for small to large homes with multiple bedrooms. The service is perfect for places with heavier dust and large amounts of debris.

The housekeepers go from one room to another for a deep cleaning service. Every surface is swept, mopped, wiped, dusted, or vacuumed until no dirt remains. Marks on floors and walls are also cleaned to ensure no signs of construction ruin the house’s new look.

Why Hire Highland Park Housekeeping?

We offer a professional and all-inclusive cleaning experience for all our clients. Some of them have been with us for over a decade and continue hiring the same housekeeping teams. If you want to know why our clients are happy with our work, here are a few reasons.

Use of Eco-Friendly Supplies

We detest the use of toxic chemicals to clean homes. Although they do the job, the fumes are not healthy for residents. HPH uses all-natural cleaning supplies to ensure a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Happy and Trained Housekeepers

We believe in taking care of our housekeepers so that their work does not get affected by personal or financial matters. We provide good compensation for our teams to ensure they are happy in their jobs and look forward to each new cleaning project.

High-end Equipment

Aside from professional housekeepers and all-natural supplies, we invest in high-tech equipment for cleaning services. Some of our best products include Sanitaire Professional Canister, perfect for upholstery and corner cleaning, and the Miele Complete C3 canister vacuum.

Hire Us for Cleaning Services McKinney

Highland Park Housekeeping provides timely and quality service for McKinney homes. Expect effective communication and a positive attitude from our housekeepers at all times. We understand your demands for a cleaner home and strive to deliver what you hire us for! Give us a call today or visit our easy-to-use booking page to hire our services.

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