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Finding experienced professionals who can commit to cleaning your house to your specifications can be challenging. When looking for professional cleaning services in Fort Worth, you are looking for a company that will listen to your needs and provide the desired service without fail. If no one has come close to meeting your expectations, you can’t go wrong with hiring Highland Park Housekeeping service in Fort Worth.

Highland Park Housekeeping has been on the radar since 2009. We’ve been providing quality service to customers who want their homes to have a five-star clean look. Below are the services we offer in Fort Worth.

Our Cleaning Services Fort Worth

Our housekeepers arrive in a pair of two. They are assigned a cleaning checklist that covers basic, deep, and moving cleaning services.

Basic Cleaning Service

When you require regular cleaning for an essentially tidy house, you can hire our housekeepers for basic cleaning. We clean all the rooms in your home, including bathrooms and the kitchen.

We keep it simple and extensive for bathroom cleaning by scrubbing the toilet, shower, and bathtub, wiping counters and sinks, and polishing light fixtures. For the kitchen, we load your dishwasher and hand wash dishes. We also polish fixtures and appliances before cleaning the sinks and counters.

For the other rooms, we dust furniture, clean the cabinets and drawers from the outside, vacuum and mop floors, vacuum rugs, make beds, and take out the trash when we leave.

Deep Cleaning Service

Our deep cleaning service is a full-scale cleaning service that gives your house a fresh and hotel-like feel. Our deep cleaning checklist includes a few more essential tasks in addition to the basic cleaning checklist. It ensures that the customer is satisfied once they return to their house.

You can check out our deep cleaning checklist here!

Although deep cleaning is essential to keep your indoor atmosphere fresh, you do not need to hire professionals for it daily. Sometimes basic cleaning is all you need, but if you’re not sure when to hire deep cleaning housekeepers, here are a few scenarios that can help:

  • You have a steady, full-time job and no time to clean.
  • Your house is too messy to clean yourself.
  • You want high-quality cleaning for your home.
  • You have guests coming over soon.
  • You are returning from a long vacation.
  • You don’t like cleaning at all.

Moving Cleaning Service

People often neglect cleaning needs when leaving an apartment or home. They take their essentials and leave the house unclean, silently letting the new tenants or owners know it’s their problem. However, moving out does not have to be this way.

You can hire professional cleaners to clean your home once you leave. It helps you get your security deposit back if you’ve been renting the property, makes a good impression on your new landlord, and helps maintain health and safety standards.

Our moving cleaning services Fort Worth guarantee that you leave behind a shiny apartment or house. We sweep, vacuum, and mop floors to make them look squeaky clean. Other duties include, but are not limited to, cabinet and drawer cleaning, woodwork, vents, kitchen appliances, bathroom scrubbing, and polishing fixtures.

Our Housekeepers

We’ve had customers for over a decade who hire our cleaning crew for moving, regular, and deep cleaning services. The reason for our customer satisfaction is our housekeeping staff. Our housekeepers offer effective communication and timely arrival at work. They are people we, and our clients, respect for their comprehensive approach toward each cleaning task on the checklist.

Each of our housekeepers is a trained professional. They are taught how to use non-toxic cleaning techniques to create an eco-friendly environment and protect their health. We also provide free English classes that help them understand our customers’ needs.

Our Cleaning Products

At Highland Park Housekeeping, we love using non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products. They do not harm our housekeepers, clients, their pets, or the environment. Everyone is safe when we avoid the harmful fumes of chemical-induced cleaning products.

Below are some of the cleaning products we use for cleaning services in Fort Worth:

  • Branch Basics: A plant and mineral-based cleaning product that works as a multi-purpose cleaner. We can use it for mirrors, kitchen counters, hardwood floors, etc.
  • Bon Ami: A non-toxic cleaner that has been around since 1886. With no harmful chemicals to burn skin or trigger breathing problems, Bon Ami has been successfully removing dried-on food marks, grout, and other stubborn abrasions for a long time.
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner: American-made product, which is the best glass cleaner in the world! It’s ammonia free and cleans glass surfaces like a champ, leaving you with shiny and sparkling surfaces.
  • The Hard Stuff: Sometimes, a house calls for a tough decision, and we have to use hard products despite our dislike for their toxic and unhealthy nature. Tilex, Soft Scrub, 409, and similar products are used when we need them for a cleaning project.

Why Hire Highland Park Housekeeping?

We offer cleaning services in Fort Worth for all homes regardless of their size or the amount of dirt. Highland Park Housekeeping is a professional cleaning service that takes pride in using high-tech equipment for vacuuming and non-toxic cleaning products. We strive to reduce the negative effect of cleaning chemicals on the environment by using all-natural products.

Our team of two housekeepers ensures that basic, moving, or deep cleaning is completed in a timely manner. The pair works faster and saves time, so you can return home as soon as possible.

Our services benefit you by refreshing the house and getting rid of the bacteria and germs in the atmosphere.

Moreover, we let you add services with our standard packages to meet your needs and provide the special care you deserve. Whether you hire us for basic, moving, or deep cleaning, you have the option to add more services to the list and let us housekeepers know beforehand what to expect. They are professionals who follow the client’s instructions to the t and clean the house extensively to meet your expectations.

Ready to hire a professional cleaning service for your home? Give us a call today at (214) 334-7082, or book an appointment directly on our booking page!

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