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Hiring a cleaning lady Plano.

These days, an increasing number of Texans are turning towards cleaning services to keep their houses clean and hygienic. If you have been thinking about hiring a cleaning lady Plano, the sheer number of options may have left you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

In this blog, we will discuss the key reasons for hiring a cleaning lady Plano, as well as the factors to consider while exploring your options.

1) Saves Time

Many people steer clear of cleaning services because they cost money. But, what they fail to consider is the value of the time that a cleaning lady Plano can save them, and how that value stacks up against the price of the service.

Do you find the time to clean your house as often and thoroughly as you would like? If so, how many weekly hours does that take you? If you could salvage all that time, how would you use it? Maybe you could use it to learn a skill, or make extra money through a side-hustle?

Once you start putting a monetary value to your time, it becomes easier for you to understand that hiring a cleaning lady can actually help keep more money in your pocket.

2) Easier to Entertain Guests

Do you shy away from inviting friends or relatives over to your house because you are embarrassed by how unclean it is? If so, you should strongly consider hiring a cleaning lady Plano. This is particularly true during the holiday season where you may want to host gatherings or parties.

A professionally-cleaned house not only helps dazzle your guests, but also maximizes their comfort and experience.

3) Saves Money on Supplies

If the first point was not convincing enough in this regard, another way that hiring a cleaning lady can help you save money is byeliminating the cost of cleaning supplies.

Professional cleaning companies equip their staff with all supplies and other equipment required to execute even the most complex cleaning activities. Many of these companies do not charge a premium even for specialized equipment, so you can save money by not having to buy any of these things yourself.

4) Attention to Detail

Cleaning is all about layers. Sure, you may have wiped down your countertops, oven, table, and refrigerator, but you have probably failed to address those hard-to-reach areas containing all kinds of dust and dirt.

Besides, when cleaning your own home, you likely have a strict deadline since you need to move on to other chores. Whether it is picking the kids up from school or responding to that work email, you may not be able to put in the kind of effort and focus your house deserves.

Hiring a cleaning lady is the simplest way to remedy this. Professional cleaners have an eye for detail that allows them to identify and clean out areas that regular folks often overlook. Professional, reputable cleaning companies have employees that go the extra mile to deliver a spotless (quite literally) customer service.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Cleaning Lady Plano

1) The Services Offered

Not every cleaning company offers the same set of services. Hence, if you need something specific, make sure that is something your shortlisted company can deliver.

Generally, the most common services offered by cleaning ladies include general cleaning, deep cleaning, and move-out and move-in cleanings.

2) Availability

You probably already have a packed schedule and the last thing you want is to amend your schedule to facilitate your cleaning lady’s. For this reason, you must find out the days and hours that the cleaning lady is available. Generally, cleaning ladies work from Monday to Friday, but some companies also offer weekend services.

If the schedule is an issue, you may arrange for your cleaning lady to come around while you are at work or fulfilling other obligations. However, not all homeowners (or even cleaning ladies, for that matter) are comfortable with this.

3) Pricing

When it comes to hiring a cleaning lady, price is obviously an important factor. Of course, this does not mean that you should focus solely on the price and go with the cheapest cleaning service. Generally, what you pay for is what you get, which is why the best deal is one where you get the most value for your money.

Some cleaning ladies charge a flat fee for the job, while others may have an hourly pricing structure. Alongside asking for a cost estimate, find out about the accepted forms of payment and whether you need to submit a deposit.

Also, do not shy away from asking about the company’s tipping policies. In general, if you are hiring an independent contractor, you are not obligated to tip. However, if you hire a cleaning lady Plano through a company or agency, you may want to know if a gratuity is included in the price.

4) Insurance

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of hiring a cleaning lady with general liability insurance.

Although unlikely, there is a lot that could go wrong during a cleaning job. For instance, your cleaning lady may accidentally damage something in your house, or she may herself get injured. Either way, a general liability insurance policy ensures that you are not held legally or financially liable for such accidents. It adds an extra layer of protection both for you and the cleaning lady.

All insured cleaning companies carry a Certificate of Insurance from their insurance providers, so do not hesitate to explicitly ask for it if you fail to find this information on the company’s website.

Why Highland Park Housekeeping?

Founded in 2009, Highland Park Housekeeping has been serving the Frisco, Texas area for the last 13 years. We offer basic, deep, and moving cleaning services, each of which comes with a unique checklist guaranteeing our stellar services. Our professional cleaners, who have been trained to provide impeccable cleaning services, are the pillars behind our success.

At Highland Park Housekeeping, our housekeepers understand the nuances of each unique project and, consequently, how to satisfy the individualized demands of each client. Every housekeeper at Highland Park Housekeeping is rigorously taught and trained until they are ready to deliver the kind of services that our company takes immense pride in. As part of this comprehensive training program, housekeepers are taught to clean one- to five-bedroom houses using non-toxic cleaning techniques. The use of all-natural cleaning products ensure that our workers do not suffer from physical or mental health issues like lung diseases, skin issues, or brain fog.

As professional cleaners, we see every project as an opportunity to nurture a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with the client. And developing a healthy working relationship requires us to be receptive to our clients’ feedback and do our best to implement their recommendations and suggestions. Our openness to feedback is part of our aim to deliver services that exceed expectations, and one of the main reasons why we receive a very high percentage of repeat hires.

Speaking of healthy relationships, it is impossible to develop one without effective communication. For this reason, any of our workers in need of improved communication skills undergo free English classes. Communication is at the heart of our business, since it is impossible to cater to our clients’ needs without fully understanding them. As such, communication and interaction is not something that we can ever compromise on.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of skilled, experienced, and professional cleaning ladies out there.

However, if you are still struggling to find a cleaning lady Plano that fits the bill, why don’t you check out Highland Park Housekeeping? We offer a range of high-quality cleaning services with competitive prices and attractive bulk discounts. Moreover, all our cleaners are vetted, insured, and bonded.

To learn more about Highland Park Housekeeping or get a free quote, please reach out today.

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