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Hiring a cleaning service for your home can offer the convenience and efficiency you need in keeping your living spaces clean. It can also free up a considerable amount of time while leaving you with a quality of cleanliness that you might not be able to obtain on your own. Enjoying these benefits, however, requires understanding how to find a trustworthy cleaning lady in Westover Hills.

Look for Experience

You’ll find many fly-by-night cleaning services that have been operating for a year or two at most. Don’t take a chance on a newly established service or inexperienced cleaning lady in Westover Hills; you’ll get more satisfying results when you work with an established company. Founded by Jeri Fritz, Highland Park Housekeeping has been servicing homes for almost 15 years. 

When you want prior experience you can rely on, we offer the background that kindles the trust you need to feel when hiring any service provider. There are few companies in the industry that can compete with our experience and rich history.

Learn About Past Customer Experiences

Any reputable cleaning lady in Westover Hills will have references that you can check in with, and that is just as true for services that employ multiple housekeepers to service several homes simultaneously. When you visit the Highland Park Housekeeping home page, you’ll find it easy to locate testimonials from our prior clients.

If you’re looking for a broader selection of reviews for our services, you can browse our social media pages or look on consumer advocacy sites (The Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc.) to find even more positive reviews. When you see what others have had to say about our cleaning services, you’ll understand why we set the standard in the industry.

Research Employer Practices When Hiring a Cleaning Lady in Westover Hills

Another factor to consider is how a cleaning company treats its housekeepers. The morale of your housekeepers will directly correlate to the quality of service you receive as their client. 

If you look for a company that treats its employees with respect and fair compensation, you’ll find that your housekeepers are friendly, professional, and dedicated to performing an excellent standard of work. Highland Park Housekeeping offers generous wages with the ability to earn bonuses. We also encourage tipping for employees who perform superior work.

Look for Professional Company Standards

You should never have to guess when someone will show up to clean your home. To that end, another way that Highland Park Housekeeping helps promote trust among our Westover Hills clients is by providing a company vehicle to each housekeeping team. When you see our vehicle pull up in your driveway, you’ll know exactly who is coming to clean your home.

We also provide every employee with a Highland Park Housekeeping uniform, helping to further promote trust by ensuring you can easily identify our employees while they work within your home. The training they receive prior to going out on their first calls helps prepare every housekeeper to provide excellent quality service and professionalism. 

Trust the Industry Leaders in Residential Cleaning

When you let Highland Park Housekeeping look after your home, you’ll be free to spend your time on more worthwhile activities. Enjoy yourself with a bit of a shopping spree in Southlake Town Square, maybe! 

Our basic and deep cleaning services will meet all of your needs for weekly service or special events. To get started, book us online now!

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