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You probably know that hiring a cleaning company in Westover Hills can benefit you. You may even have friends in this Fort Worth suburb who already use a company like Highland Park Housekeeping to help them look after their homes. Your next concern is to determine how often you should have professional housekeepers clean your home.

You Might Need Service from a Cleaning Company in Westover Hills Each Week

As a general rule, your home should receive a basic cleaning every week. This will help you keep up with dust and debris in addition to reducing the population of bacteria and germs on commonly touched surfaces. A weekly cleaning will also help you remove food particles, dust, and other substances that attract pests.

If you don’t have the time or ability to do this weekly cleaning yourself, consider hiring a cleaning company in Westover Hills to perform this task for you. Each basic cleaning service will include a team of two housekeepers to provide a thorough job. We can also provide a deep clean when you determine that you need an extra level of cleanliness.

What Does Basic Cleaning Involve?

Highland Park Housekeeping offers a basic cleaning service that will help you keep up with that need for cleanliness. Our basic service provides light dusting of the exterior of cabinets, shelves, and furnishings. We’ll sweep, mop, and vacuum floors. In kitchens and bathrooms, our housekeeping team will polish fixtures, wipe down appliance exteriors, and clean sinks, tubs, and toilets. We’ll also load your dishwasher or wash and dry your dishes. Finally, we’ll finish up by making your beds and emptying the trash. 

When Do You Need a Deeper Quality of Clean?

It’s also important to know how often your home needs a deep clean due to the accumulation of dust, debris, and bacteria in areas that aren’t frequently inspected. While many people neglect these areas until they move out of an apartment or house, you should schedule our deep clean services every four weeks.

When you hire our cleaning company in Westover Hills for a deep cleaning, you’ll get all of the services included in the basic cleaning. 

Additionally, our housekeepers will clean the insides of appliances, cabinets, and shelves. We’ll dust or wipe down lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, floor edges, baseboards, and decorative fixtures. We’ll also provide detailed grout scrubbing and change the sheets as we make your beds if necessary.

We’ll Keep Your Home Clean for You

Our cleaning company in Westover Hills will take over the burden of cleaning your home, leaving you free to pursue other obligations. Once you experience a cleaning from our housekeeping team, you’ll see why so many Westover Hills homeowners use our services. Book your cleaning with Highland Park Housekeeping today!

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