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Living in a clean and de-cluttered house is great for your mental and physical health. But, what if you do not have the energy or time to regularly clean your house? You may feel you are doomed to living in a house full of dirt, clutter, and chaos. You can always hire a cleaning company in Plano to take care of your house cleaning needs.

Here are common misconceptions related to cleaning companies and why they aren’t true.

Misconceptions About Cleaning Companies

1)  House Cleaners Steal Stuff

Professional cleaning companies, like Highland Park Housekeeping, go the extra mile to ensure the honesty and credibility of their employees. They always conduct thorough background checks on potential employees.

Besides, Highland Park Housekeeping is transforming the industry and turning Housekeeping into a profession. All Highland Park Housekeepers are full-time employees with pay ranging from $16-$20 an hour, plus weekly bonuses and tips. All employees receive healthcare as well as vision and dental benefits for their entire family at zero charges to the employee.

Look to Highland Park Housekeeping for house cleaning services that are trustworthy, professional, and reliable.

2) Your House is too Dirty

Interestingly, many house owners believe that their house is not clean enough for a cleaning service. Well, it is important to remember that house cleaning services are there to clean your house, and you would not need one if your home was already adequately clean. Leave the cleaning to the professionals like Highland Park Housekeeping.

3) A Cleaning Company is Not Worth the Money

While cleaning your house yourself does save money, you do pay for it with your free time. Time is the most precious currency and once it is gone, you can never get it back. Besides, a busy schedule means you are probably only able to make time for yourself over the weekends. So, while cleaning the house by yourself may keep a few bucks in your pocket, it does cost you the hundreds of hours you could have spent doing more productive stuff or indulging in your hobbies or interests. Once you put a price on your time, you will realize how much money you can save by hiring a cleaning company in Plano.

4) Hiring an Individual is Cheaper than Hiring a Company

Although this is certainly true on paper, it ceases to be once something goes wrong. After all, a reputable cleaning company is a legitimate, licensed business that is paying all its federal and state taxes and has liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Liability insurance ensures that, should a company employee end up damaging something in your home (such as a precious vase or your wood floors), the company’s insurance provider will cover the repairs or replacement cost. Without this insurance, you might be forced to pay for any damages incurred during the cleaning process.

With a workers’ compensation policy, you are covered in case of any accident during the cleaning process (a worker slipping on the floor and breaking their ankle, for example). On the other hand, if a non-insured individual undergoes such an accident, you will be liable to pay for their medical expenses as well as any paid time off since the individual was working for you at the time of the accident.

A cleaning company may cost more, but you’ll always be covered when it comes to damages and/or medical expenses.

5) The Cheapest is Always the Best

When comparing prices, it is important to keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. In other words, if you hire a low-price, cheap company, you should be prepared to receive cheap, poor-quality services. After all, if a company is charging pennies, they probably do not have the wage packages to attract top employees or the funds required to purchase the most sophisticated cleaning tools on the market.

On the other hand, a high-priced company may be charging a premium, but they are also likely to deliver top-notch cleaning and after-sales services. They will also have a long list of positive reviews and satisfied customers to testify to their performance.

Keep in mind that the best company is not the cheapest, but the one that delivers the highest value for each dollar you spend.

The Best Cleaning Company Plano

If you are looking to hire a cleaning company in Plano, reach out to Highland Park Housekeeping. We have over 10 years of experience providing top-notch cleaning services for customers in and around the Plano, TX area. So, if you are looking for a quality cleaning company give us a call today!

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