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Willow Bend is a beautiful community toward the west end of Plano. With many incredible homes in an area that nestles lush greenery and water right in the center, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to live there. Homeowners in Willow Bend take pride in their homes and deserve the best cleaning services to take care of them.

Highland Park Housekeeping is an experienced cleaning company in Willow Bend that you can trust. We have highly trained staff that only use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your home impossibly clean without harsh chemicals. 

If you’ve been searching for quality housekeeping in Willow Bend, Plano, Highland Park Housekeeping can provide you with the exceptional and timely service your home deserves.

About Highland Park Housekeeping

Highland Park Housekeeping has kept homes in the Plano area clean since 2009. After noticing the lack of high-end housekeeping in Willow Bend, Plano, founder Jeri Fritz knew she had to change the industry and give homeowners what they needed — a professional, reliable cleaning company that could give them a sense of pride in their homes. 

Our services have spread over the years, and we now service homes all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Why We’re Different

We’re always so happy to talk about what makes us the best cleaning company in Willow Bend. Many companies aren’t as interested in taking care of their employees and instead focus on their bottom line. But we know that the quality of our services stems from the happiness of our employees. 

Our investment in each cleaner is something that makes us incredibly proud. From free English classes to the highest pay in the industry, we provide so much value to our employees because we value what they do for you and us.

Many cleaning companies will also send one housekeeper to handle a job. It’s a practice that’s never sat well with us, as it puts too much pressure on one person to perform at a high level and finish everything on time. 

That is why we always send two cleaners for every job, ensuring that your home’s cleaning will never feel rushed and you’ll get all the attention you deserve.

Our Wide Range of Services

As a professional cleaning company in Willow Bend, we know how difficult it can be to keep larger homes clean all by yourself. With many homes in the area having upwards of five to six bedrooms, it can often feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything as clean as you’d prefer.

Our cleaning services cover every type of homeowner’s needs, whether you need someone to occasionally support your current cleaning regimen or an overhaul before you throw a holiday party. 

We recommend our basic package for homeowners who need a thorough tidying up. It’s perfect for those weeks when you feel too overwhelmed or to free up some time every week to do something other than vacuuming. Our deep cleaning service is a full-scale in-depth clean that will leave everything positively sparkling.

Are you moving to or from Willow Bend? Chances are there’s a lot of square footage you’ll have to get clean before you can start moving. 

But Highland Park Housekeeping has dedicated packages tailored for homeowners who are saying hello to a new start or goodbye to fond memories — we’ll handle all of the cleaning so you can focus your attention on moving!

Hire Highland Park Housekeeping for Cleaning Services in Willow Bend

With so many major hubs within an arm’s reach of Willow Bend, we want our customers to spend more time enjoying all of the shopping, entertainment, and dining the area has to offer. Take back control of your calendar and schedule a home cleaning with Highland Park Housekeeping today!

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