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Living in Legacy West, you’re surrounded by enticing ways to spend your free time. Why use up precious hours cleaning your home when you could be enjoying a glass of wine at the CRÚ Wine Bar or taking a walk on the Arbor Hills Trails?

Save your valuable time by scheduling cleaning with Highland Park Housekeeping in Legacy West. If you haven’t used a cleaning company before, you might have several questions. Here are some answers to help you get started.

Is a Basic Cleaning Sufficient?

In most cases, you won’t need much more than a basic cleaning to eliminate dirt, debris, and bacteria from your home. 

Our cleaning company in Legacy West will provide a thorough cleaning that leaves floors, including rugs and carpets, in a sanitary condition. We’ll also wipe down most external surfaces, including the exterior of cabinets, shelves, and appliances. 

What If Something Isn’t Covered?

If there’s a specific area that you want to be cleaned in addition to the basic service, simply ask the personnel at our cleaning company in Legacy West. Depending on the requested services, we may charge an extra fee to cover the costs of the time and resources needed to provide the additional cleaning.

Does Your Cleaning Company in Legacy West Use Toxic Chemicals?

Many cleaning companies in the area will use non-toxic cleaning chemicals on request. Fortunately, Highland Park Housekeeping always uses non-toxic cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, so you won’t have to make any special requests. 

This practice ensures that your children and pets can safely play on your floors as soon as our housekeepers finish servicing your home.

Do I Have to Stay Home?

You will never have to worry about staying home when you have a cleaning scheduled with Highland Park Housekeeping. You can arrange to leave a key in a drop box or make other arrangements to give our cleaning team access to your home. 

When we’re done cleaning your home, we’ll lock up and leave the key in the drop box or follow your other instructions.

Do I Need to Lock Up My Pets?

Our housekeepers are comfortable working around pets, so there’s no need to do anything special with them. You can leave your cats or dogs to roam freely as our housekeeping team cleans your home. 

Is a Deep Cleaning Better?

We use the same cleaning techniques and supplies for a deep cleaning service as we use for a basic cleaning. The difference is that deep cleaning will involve cleaning more surfaces, such as floor edges, lighting fixtures, and baseboards. We recommend a deep cleaning every six months to ensure debris and bacteria aren’t collecting in these areas.

Do You Clean Small Apartments?

Highland Park Housekeeping cleans homes of any type and size. This includes studios, one-bedroom apartments, and condos. We also clean large houses with up to five bedrooms or more. 

Keep in mind that more square footage will take longer to clean, and that will increase the total cost of our cleaning services. You can find a cleaning time guide on our website.

Schedule Your First Cleaning Now!

The only real way to experience the advantages that Highland Park Housekeeping provides is by booking your first session. This will show you how our housekeepers can improve your life and help you keep a cleaner living space. To experience the difference a professional quality of cleanliness makes, book us today!

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