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Whether you own a house or rent an apartment in the Austin, Texas, area, keeping your home clean can become challenging. Many people find their lives too hectic to keep up with cleaning their living spaces, so they settle for a little light tidying up when they have a few minutes to spare.  

When you want the best professional cleaning services in Austin, TX, turn to the experienced team at Highland Park Housekeeping. Our efficient, professional team will work with you to keep your Austin home sparkling clean.

What Sets Highland Park Housekeeping Apart?

Several factors come into play when considering house cleaning services or a maid service in Austin, including areas like Cedar Park, West Lake Hills, and Round Rock. One of the biggest concerns is the cost of the service. 

Highland Park Housekeeping offers reasonably priced, high-quality residential cleaning services. Consider, for instance, our deep clean service for a three-bedroom, three-bath home: Our competitive rate of $436 stands out in an industry range of $368 to $560.

Importantly, our rate includes a professional cleaning team of two housecleaners, while other cleaning companies or maid services may only send one cleaner to perform all the house cleaning tasks. This means our house cleaning professionals can finish a deep clean faster, ensuring your house is transformed without sacrificing quality or thoroughness.

What truly sets us apart is our eco-friendly philosophy. While other Austin cleaning services may have non-toxic cleaning solutions available upon request, at Highland Park Housekeeping, we always use non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe products as a part of our commitment to protecting you, your family, and your home.

We Maintain the Highest Cleaning Standards in the Industry

At Highland Park Housekeeping, we understand that our professional cleaning team forms the backbone of our locally-owned business. That’s why we offer our house cleaning professionals competitive compensation packages, starting with the highest pay in the home cleaning service industry. We also offer a full range of healthcare benefits and paid time off, emphasizing our commitment to great customer service starting from within.

When we bring a new house cleaner or housekeeper onto our team, we guide them through an extensive paid training program to prepare them to meet our high standard of service. We ensure that each staff member is equipped with eco-friendly products, enabling a deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals. We also provide a company car and uniforms, ensuring our customers can always recognize our housekeepers when they arrive at their homes and foster a sense of professional pride and excellent job performance.

These practices help ensure our employees are satisfied and content with their roles. Happy employees translate into cleaning teams that strive to provide the highest quality housekeeping service, deep cleaning service, and regular cleaning services. With our teams of two or more employees, we ensure the safety of our staff and customers while providing a superior clean every time.

Our commitment to using non-toxic, eco-friendly products helps us stand out among other cleaning companies. It’s part of our stress-free philosophy and commitment to offering top-notch cleaning services that always leave our customers satisfied.

House Cleaning Services in Austin

We know that every customer has different cleaning needs and preferences. That is why we offer a choice between basic and deep cleaning services. You can request either of these services for your house or apartment.

Basic Cleaning

While every cleaning company in Austin offers basic home cleaning services, we provide a more extensive range of housekeeping tasks. We’ll dust furniture, cabinets, and drawers in every room. We’ll also sweep bare floors and vacuum carpets. In the bedrooms, we’ll make the beds. Our housekeepers will empty all trash receptacles as well.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, we’ll polish appliance exteriors, fixtures, sinks, and countertops. We’ll clean toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Our team is happy to wash and dry your dirty dishes or load your dishwasher.

Deep Cleaning

Our deep house cleaning services provide the same cleaning tasks included in the basic service. Additionally, we will wipe down or dust ceiling fans, duct registers, vents, woodwork, decorative items, and other fixtures. We’ll hand-clean baseboards and floor edges as well.

Upon request, we’ll change the sheets before making the beds and clean cabinet and drawer interiors.

We’ll clean all surfaces in the kitchen as the basic cleaning service provides. We’ll also clean the inside and outside of the range hood. Our housekeepers will scrub the tile grout in your bathroom for a brighter clean.

The Top Cleaning Company in Austin

Once you experience the best house cleaning services Highland Park Housekeeping offers, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us. Whether you need basic or deep cleaning services, we will work to earn your satisfaction. To discuss your cleaning needs, contact us today.

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