Sustainable cleaning

A Quick Guide to Sustainable Cleaning

We’re all fighting the same battle when it comes to housekeeping. We want our house to be as clean and fresh as possible, but sometimes in our effort to achieve that, we fail to be good patrons of our own health and the health of our planet. When you clean your house, do you pour products filled with toxins down your drain and fill trash bags with barely used paper towels? Full disclosure – we did too! And we’ll be the first to call ourselves out: it’s wasteful, it’s unsustainable, and honestly, it’s just really lame.

Luckily, sustainable cleaning has come up the curve as of recent; with the launch of brands like Kris Jenner’s Cleanly and the new subscription service Grove, it’s easier than ever to learn how to clean your house in a way that is kind to the planet. Here are three green tips on cleaning your house that are guaranteed to make your clean routine more sustainable.

Trade out your paper towels for microfiber

Ah, paper towels. Even if you splurge for the Bounty extra absorbent ones, most of us still end up blowing through a whole roll during a day of cleaning. While we still use paper towels when cleaning up really germy messes, like in the bathroom, microfiber cloths are a great alternative, especially for dusting. Microfiber picks up dust better than any other fabric, and when you’re done cleaning, they can easily be thrown in the washer & dryer with whatever else you need to wash. Just add a little water and wring it out, and if you’d like, you can spray on a touch of your favorite all purpose cleaner. And speaking of all purpose cleaners…

It’s time to trade out PineSol for Branch Basics

You might not think much of using a standard cleaning product with a few toxic chemicals, but when millions of people across the planet are all purchasing, using, and dumping out those toxins, the impact on the environment is huge. Many cleaning products use phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia, also known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Next time you’re browsing the cleaning aisle at Target, check the labels and choose an eco-friendly alternative. We highly recommend Branch Basics all-purpose cleaner, which you can order from their website.

Say bye to Swiffer and hello to SH-Mop!

Everybody loves their Swiffer, but how many times have you had to use multiple covers just to get through one room? Each of those covers is threaded with plastic and other materials that do not biodegrade easily and fill up landfills across the planet. Instead, head over to Walmart or and pick up a SH-Mop, the amazing mop that is about twice the size of a Swiffer and comes with washable, reusable covers. As you’re mopping, take the cover off and rinse it to keep it fresh, and when you’re done, throw it in the washer/dryer (maybe with your new microfiber cloths!) so it will be good as new next time.

This is far from a complete green housekeeping guide, but following these tips for how to clean your house is a good start. Like they say – shavings make a pile – and if you need more tips, check out our diy house cleaning guide and how to clean your room videos.

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